Special Occasions

No other DJ can offer so many disciplines and skills to help ensure the success of your event.  From Birthdays to Anniversaries to Family Events, The MusicMen have the Professional attitude and right music to make your event something that will be the topic of discussion for years to come.

With The MusicMen, you and your guests will remember the good time you had on the dance floor more than any other part of this special day.  Each event is tailor made - to your specifications - to ensure a night filled with special memories.  

You and your guests will have access to our music library of over 130,000 songs.  Requests are encouraged and welcomed. We do this by placing request cards on each of your guests tables.  On the bottom of each card is our cell phone number so your guests can either fill in the form or text-a-request from the comfort of their table.

Contact The MusicMen and see how we can work with you to create your special event!